My Tent

Neat & Convenient


Your tent should be very convenient to your access point with chairs organized neatly underneath. If you see one with nobody underneath, this is usually a good sign that it is your tent!

Our Business Card


As you approach the tent you should be able to find an ID tag that has our business card inside. This is another good sign that you have found your tent.

Your Name


After you have found the ID tag with our business card, you can confirm that you have found your tent by flipping the ID badge over. We write the last name of the person who made the reservation on on each tent's ID badge

Not In The Right Spot?


We do our best to get it right the first time, but it can be difficult when communicating via telephone to get it exactly where you would like. If you would like the tent in a different location for the remainder of your rental, don't hesitate to call and we would be happy to get it just right.

Not Close Enough To The Water


After setting up thousands of tents over the years we have developed a method to our madness. Tents are set up just beyond the "tide line" (see picture above for tide line at transition between wet and dry sand) so that during high tide you and your family wont have waves crashing on you! Putting the tent up closer to the water can result in difficulty for our crew during set-up or take down and creates additonal stress on the equipment.

Still Can't Find Your Tent?


If you still can't find your tent, please dont hesitate to call us. We would be more than happy to help you locate it. 

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Amaysing Shade

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