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Why Should You Use Amaysing Shade?

We Set Up, We Take Down, You Relax!

Included in all beach tent rentals is full service set-up of your tent and chairs in a convenient location so you don't have to hassle with it!

No Packing!

Imagine not having to stuff the car with all those beach chairs, umbrellas, tents, etc. Beach tent rentals and beach chair rentals reduce hassle and save space when packing for your vacation. 

The Vacation Starts Here!

You came for the beach... so we want you to enjoy it! We know you may be used to working up a sweat before the day even gets going by dragging all your gear out to the beach and staking your claim on a good spot, but with our beach tent rentals, we do that for you. We sweat so you don't have to!

No Stress!

When the storm is brewing you can rest assured that you aren't responsible for gathering up all your equipment in a hurry. With our beach tent rentals, if something breaks, you don't have to fix or replace it!

VIP Location!

Since we get out there early, we beat the rush! No more having to set up camp a few hundred feet to the left or right of your beach access. With all of our beach tent rentals, our promise is to have your tent in a convenient location to your beach access, so that your tent is easy to find and helps make coming and going a breeze!

Safety First!

Our canopies keep you much cooler than being in the direct sun and offer UV protection. Our canopy can be the difference between painful sunburn and enjoying the beach day-after-day for hours on end. You came for the beach... we want to keep you on it! 

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